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  • 3 reasons why coconut milk may not be your friend
    3 reasons why coconut milk may not be your friend Coconut milk is often a staple fat source for those following a Paleo diet. From a nutritional perspective, it’s an excellent choice. It’s high in saturated fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which are both easily burned as fuel by the body. MCTs are particularly beneficial in that they don’t require bile acids for digestion, and they’re directly shunted to the liver via the portal vein.
  • US approves fresh mango imports from Vietnam
    Fresh mango fruit imports from Vietnam have been allowed to enter the continental United States later this month, head of the Vietnam Trade Office in the U.S. has said.
  • Việt Nam to export dragon fruit to Australia
    Viet Nam News HÀ NỘI — Australia last week announced that it would permit the import of Vietnamese dragon fruit, making Việt Nam the first country to get licence to export fresh dragon fruit there.
  • Aloe vera
    Aloe vera
    Aloe vera gel is used as an ingredient in commercially available lotions, yogurt, beverages, and some desserts, although at certain doses, it has toxic properties when used either for ingested or topical applications.
  • Market Segmentation: Coconut spread
    Coconut spread is a healthy food made from dried coconuts flesh. Coconut spread or jam is made from coconut milk base, sugar, and eggs. Coconut spread and jams are famous in countries in South Asia such as Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc. Coconut spread or jam is used in food industry for preparing pancakes, waffles etc. Coconut spread is consumed by health conscious consumers as it is a source of dietary fibers and also contains auric acid which is good for health. Pure coconut spread can be stored at room temperature, on heating, it becomes pourable and silky. As being healthy, vegan, and tasty option for other expensive spreads coconut global spread market is expected to grow at a significant rate over the forecast period.
  • 6 Healthiest Beans You Can Eat
    Are beans healthy? You bet—and they\'re not just for chili and schoolyard bathroom humor anymore, either. They\'ve been elevated to powerfood status. Beans can be the superstrength behind any diet because the high fiber and protein help keep away hunger. Plus, if you swap out a meat dish with a protein dish a couple of times a week, you\'ll help knock out some saturated fat. So that makes beans great diet foods, but what makes them powerfoods? Turns out, these protein-packed wonders have some secret superpowers. Here’s your field guide to the major benefits packed in six different kinds of beans.
  • Onions remove the scar and beauty skin
    Onion is also a good skin beauty therapy, helping to reduce the presence of scars, acne treatment is effective.
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