Coconut water concentrate (CWC)

The ingredient is a natural, low-sugar, and low calorie alternative to existing filler juices. Natural coconut water is the water inside a coconut.
It is naturally filtered for nine months through the dense fibers of the coconut creating a nutritious, pure and refreshing isotonic beverage.
Coconut water is naturally sterile and has five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, no added sugars, no fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives.
It is excellent for replacing lost electrolytes from exercise and illness. It can be incorporated in many beverage applications and is regarded as a natural sports drink.
In addition to health benefits, coconut water concentrate (CWC) has a compelling attribute for beverage companies: efficiency.
The standard for coconut water is 5 brix; this 60 brix concentrate can be diluted from 6.436 solids to 0.424 solids per gallon.
This equates to one gallon of concentrate to 15.2 gallons of single strength.

Colour : light brown
Strength  : 60 (+/- 2) brix
pH : 4.8 - 5.2
Shelf life : more than 20 months
Storage : to be stored below 18 deg. C 
Packing : 25 Kgs sealed plastic containers
     or as buyer's request


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